Folklore Museum Aradippou 'Kostas Kaimakliotis'
The Folklore Museum, an old mansion originally belonging to the Kostas Xatzikakou family, was built in 1901 and later on came in the possession of the Pavlos Konstantinides family. It was bought by the Kaimakliotis family and was donated to Aradippou Municipality in the memory of Kostas Kaimakliotis, with the purpose of becoming a folklore museum. On 3rd July 2007 the Folklore Museum of Aradippou was inaugurated.

The Museum was created with the aspiration of becoming a model centre for preserving, researching and promoting Cypriot Folklore Tradition.

On the basement the following can be found:
Sun Room
Family Chamber
Weaving Hall
Domestic appliances Hall
Farming and animal raising Hall
Traditional jobs Hall

On the upper storey the two following rooms can be found:
A single room
Hall of the social and cultural traditions of Aradippou
(Reenactment of the traditional ritual of dressing up the bride)

Throughout the summer several cultural and artistic performances and exhibitions are organized by both the Municipality and other groups at the small amphitheatre situated at the Museum’s yard.

From March until May the visitors of the museum can admire the process of breeding silkworms.

Tel: +357 24 531 218, Fax: +357 24 530 690


Thermopilon 12, Aradippou, Larnaka
Monday - Friday 7:30 - 14:30
Free entrance
[email protected]