Koilani Ecclesiastical Museum

The Koilani Ecclesiastical Museum was created by Lemesos (Limassol) Bishopric to house the ecclesiastical art of the parish, and as a district branch of the larger Byzantine Museum being planned in the city of Lemesos (Limassol).This museum occupies a two room building in the courtyard of the Panagia Eleousa Church. Spanning a period of about seven centuries, exhibits include pieces of an iconostasis from 1735, a pulpit and an altar of the 19th century, old icons from the 13th to the 19th centuries, holy utensils, old books from the 16th to the19th centuries, an embroidered epitaphios from the 15th/16th century and other relics.

To arrange a visit please contact : Tel: +357 99 608 196, +357 25 471 008


Hill Resorts - Troodos
Koilani, Lemesos
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