Panagia Chryseleousa Church

Situated in Empa village near Pafos (Paphos), this is actually a combination of two churches. The eastern section was first built as a cruciform church with a dome in the 12th century, possibly on the ruins of an early Christian basilica. Later in the 13th century; an extension was made to the west with a domed building of the cross-in-square type. The church retains valuable wall paintings of the 12th, 13th, 15th and 16th centuries.


Empa, Pafos
All year round
2nd Local Route of Pafos Religious Route
From the Palaiochristian Basilica of Chrysopolitissa, to Agios Neofytos Monastery and other churches
Agios Neofytos Monastery
Houses some of the best Byzantine frescoes from the 12th and 15th centuries as well as some of the finest post-Byzantine icons of the 16th century.