Kampos tou Livadiou Trail (Circular) Nature Trail
There is a significant concentration of century old black pines along this trail that passes by Kampos tou Livadiou picnic site and connects to the Mnimata Piskopon and Livadi trails.
Road leading to Kampos tou Livadiou picnic site, situated between Troodos Square and location Karvounas, 1,5 kilometres from Troodos Square and 9 kilometres from Karvounas.
1 hour
Category 1: Easy trail, with gentle gradient. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
3 kilometres
Hiking at Troodos Mountains
A great alternative experience
Livadi (Circular) Nature Trail
Passes through pine forest. Also accessible by persons using wheelchairs
Mnimata Piskopon (Linear) Nature Trail
Admire the black pines and the views of Chromium River, Solea Valley and Morfou Bay
Nature - Cedrus brevifolia – Endemic