Pinewood Valley Hiking Trail
Scenic views towards the local area villages of Pedoulas, Moutoulas, Kalopanagiotis and beyond, towards Morfou Bay. The route is lined with a variety of wooden structures for fitness exercise. Area flora of interest is signposted.
Pedoulas - Prodromos - Troodos main road, near the road leading to "The Churchill Pinewood Valley" hotel.
30 minutes - 1 hour
Category 1: Easy trail, with gentle gradient. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
800 metres
10 Byzantine Churches, UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Prodromos Reservoir – Stavroulia (Linear) Nature Trail
Panoramic views through very dense pine forest
Hiking at Troodos Mountains
A great alternative experience
Archangelos Michail Church
A Unesco world heritage list monument
Walking in Cyprus
Prodromos - Lemithou (Linear) Nature Trail
A route through thick black pine area with scenic views