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Celebration of Civil Marriages

The contracting of civil marriage in Cyprus has been valid since 1923. As the procedure is simple many couples from all over the world come to Cyprus in order to get married and combine their wedding with a holiday or honeymoon.

Under the provisions of the Marriage Law 104(I) of 2003, anyone wishing to get married in Cyprus may only apply, in person upon arrival in Cyprus, to the Marriage Officer of the Municipality of their choice, in order to go through certain formalities which are necessary prior to their wedding.

Procedure to be followed:

(a) As a first step, the interested persons who should be in possession of legal identification (passports and birth certificates) have to fill in, sign and submit to the Marriage Officer a joint application called “Notice of Marriage” indicating their wish to marry each other and containing their particulars on the basis of their passport.

(b) At the same time, each of the two parties must make a declaration on oath or affirmation before the Marriage Officer that they know of no impediment or other lawful hindrance to their marriage and that any necessary consent required for the marriage has been obtained, or that no such consent is required.

(c) The interested persons should also furnish an official certificate indicating that they are not married. If however the Marriage Officer has any doubt as to the accuracy or genuineness of the certificate furnished by the interested persons, or if the interested persons are unable to produce such an official document (eg. British citizens) they will be called upon to make a sworn declaration before the Registrar of a District Court that they are single and have never been married before. However divorcees have to present the “Decree Absolute” of their dissolved marriage and widows /ers have to present the “Certificate of Death” of their late partner. Also they both have to make a sworn declaration (affidavit) that they have not married since.For any further clarifications about the certificates that the interested persons have to present, please contact the Marriage Officer of the Municipality at which you choose to be married.

(d) When these formalities have been completed, the marriage must be celebrated within 15 clear days at the earliest, or within 3 months at the latest, from the date the notice is given. If, for any reason, the marriage is not celebrated within 3 months, the notice given and all proceedings arising therefrom are considered null and void. In fact, interested persons, in order to have a civil marriage by notice should stay in Cyprus for about 20 days. Prescribed fees: 75,00 CYP (approximately 128 Euros)

(e) In urgent cases, however, or if they so wish, the interested persons may apply to the Marriage Officer to fix an earlier date, by paying advanced fees. In this case the marriage can be celebrated within 2-3 working days.The formalities prescribed in paragraphs 2(a)(b) and (c) above also apply in this case. Prescribed fees for this case: 165,00 CYP (approximately 282 Euros)

Persons under eighteen years of age

If either party to the intended marriage, not being a widower or a widow, is under eighteen years of age, the written consent of the father, or if he is dead or incapable of consenting, of the mother or, if both are dead or incapable of consenting, of the lawful guardian of such party, must be produced to the Marriage Officer on their application.

Penalty for a false statement

It should be pointed out that any person who willfully makes or inserts any false statement in any declaration, certificate or other document required by Law, is liable to imprisonment.

Religious Ceremony

A civil marriage may be celebrated either by the Marriage Officer, or by a Registered Minister of Religion at his church. In this case all the same procedure should also be followed at the municipality, but the religious ceremony can be held at a church. All necessary arrangements with the Registered Minister and the church should be carried out by the interested persons.

It should be noted that the ministers of any religion or any other denomination must be registered/recorded in a special register ( upon their application ) kept by the Ministry of Interior.

Certificate of marriage

The couple is supplied with a certificate of marriage by the Marriage Officer, but if they want to secure one or more certified copies of the certificate they can apply to the Marriage Officer or to the Ministry of Interior. Prescribed fees: 8,00 CYP (approximately 14 Euro) for each certified copy.

Copy to be forwared to the embassy

It should also be pointed out that, according to the Law, if either of the parties to the intended marriage is a subject of a foreign country having an Embassy or a Consulate in Cyprus, the Marriage Officer shall forward to the Embassy or the Consulate of such country in Cyprus a certified copy of the certificate of marriage.